Delete Send Message on WhatsApp Step by Step For Everyone


Hello Friends Here I Will Explain you How To Delete Send Message on WhatsApp For Everyone I think Most of People Ask Thus it is True So Guys I tell WhatsApp can Launch This Features in Her WhatsApp App To Delete Send Message on WhatsApp.

Last month it was reported that the ‘Delete for Everywhere’ feature has been launched at the Instant Messaging Service WhatsApp. This feature was working for a select user at that time. But now Whatsapp has released the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature officially for all users. According to the company this feature will work only if the person sending and receiving the latest version of WhatsApp is available.

After the new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature comes the user will be able to delete any sent messages not only from their phone but also the message of the person receiving the message will be deleted from the message. The demand for this feature has been long. After its arrival things will become more convenient for WhatsApp users. In addition to ‘Delete for Everywhere‘ users will also be able to see ‘Delete for me’ option. This option is for those who just want to remove the message from their phone.

Whatsapp has confirmed that instead of the message that will be deleted for everyone the person receiving the message in the chat will see “This message was deleted”. Similarly if you see “This message was deleted” in a chat then it means that the message has been deleted.

Whatsapp has clarified that the user needs to show up to use this feature. The company has clarified that users can delete only 7 minutes after sending a message. This means that if there is more time than seven minutes then there will be no way to delete the message for everyone.

The person who sent and received the message for the new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature on WhatsApp should have the latest version of Android iPhone or Windows Phone app. If the user sending or receiving messages is not using the latest version of Android iPhone or Windows then this feature will not be supported. In this situation the person receiving the message can view the message even before the deletion.

In addition to ‘Delete for Everyone WhatsApp has also given the option of deleting the message for itself. Through this users can delete the message from their device that they have sent or that they have received. There will be no change in the chat of the person receiving the message from this feature. And the message will continue to appear in their chat.


STEP #1:-

First Go To Chats

STEP #2:-

Now Select the message you want to delete.

STEP #3:- 

Then Tap on top of the screen that appears Delete Option

STEP #4:-

Now choose the option for ‘Delete for everyone’ from among the three options appearing in the pop-up.

You can select and delete many messages at the same time together. The new feature will work with photo replication on picture, video, gif, voice message, contact, file, location, quoted messages and WhatsApp.

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